"Under the Stars"

A Svechha Foundation fundraising initiative for building an Orphan Boarding School.
A Fun Sleep Out Event on October 5th 2013 at Vikarabad Time:7pm to 7am Games | Music | CampfireMore

Do you get irritated when the power goes off for an hour or two?

Imagine living in darkness all your life with the help of may be a Kerosene lamp, that too in deep forest which may bring dangers from snakes and wild animals at night! Svechha decided to light up their lives 3 years ago and so far helped 500 families, which improved the night time lifestyle of almost 2000 people.

"You gave us eyes for night time"

In 2011, Svechha got a big helping hand from Indian School of Business(ISB) and EA Sports & Arts in lighting up the lives of 3 villages, 2 in Araku region, Nandigami, Madiraya and one village in Adilabad(dt), Rampur.... More